So why exactly am I doing this? or: What you can learn by throwing spaghetti at the wall

I’ve been holding back on writing this post for some time (don’t let the publish date fool you – I’m actually writing this on April 25th!).   And the reason for that is: I’ve been doing an awful lot of thinking.

I’m the kind of person who loves to do endless research and rumination and carefully put all of my ducks in a row before even thinking about launching into something new (trust me – no one has ever called me spontaneous!).  What I set out to do – what, in fact, my BIG GOAL was – was to launch a Fine Art Career.  Years after getting my BFA (and not using it… well, actually, I did, but I leveraged it to get into a computer animation career instead), I was FINALLY going to pick up the brush and make art that 1) made me happy, and 2) made me some money so that I could keep making art.  And, seeing as we’re living in the Age of the Internet, this blog was supposed to be a major backing component of said art career.  But… I ran into a stumbling block: I couldn’t decide on what kind of art I wanted to do! Continue reading